N50 45.098 W120 50.655
  • Elevation : 1325ft / 343 metres
  • Population approx. 640 residents
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Services & Clubs in Savona and area

If you'd like to run a business ad contact us .

For reservations or information e-mail us at info@lakesidecountryinn.com
or call us toll free at 1-800-909-7434 or 250-373-2528


6931 Access Rd - Savona B.C. V0K 2J0
Phone: 250 373 2617 / Fax Line: 250 373 2647 - klaus@savonaphoto.com 

The historic Vidette Lodge, a former gold mine, offers 16 lakes for fishing or swimming, a 200 ft. waterfall, spectacular scenery, excellent hiking and, most important, a place to forget about the troubles of the world. www.videttelake.com

www.bavariancottages.com - Bavarian Leisure Cottages is a manufacturer of high end custom sheds, machined log cabins, gazebo's and much more - check out the site! 1.888.558.7381 email michael@bavariancottages.com

SUEDE HILLS ORGANIC FARM is a family owned and operated business. Our main crops are organic green leaf stevia, the natural, no calorie sweetener, and organic alfalfa, a whole complete greens food, for people's overall and well being. 250.373.0191 www.suedehills.com email info@suedehills.com

"Terrace Heights Ranch is owned and operated by Jim and Cairn Davies. We are a small family owned business that has served the Walhachin Valley community since 1994. We do not use pesticides for insect control. All poultry are 100% vegetarian fed. We do not use growth hormones or chemical enhancements to boost growth."

Phone: (250) 373-2251
Fax: (250) 373- 2254
Email: terraceheights@hotmail.com
Location Address: 6536 Thompson River Drive West, Savona, BC, V0K2J0
Mailing Address: 6536 Box 357, Savona, BC, V0K2J0


Handyman & Tradesperson Section

Al Long Enterprises Gravel Truck, Septic services and Excavation Tel - 250.373.2282
Bavarian Cottages Alternative Energy / Solar, Wind & Micro Hydro Systems - Manufacturer of Sheds, Cabins, Garages etc - see ad above &website 1.888.558.7381 Tel 250.373.2295 michael@bavariancottages.com
Old timer Gas Fitting Gas Fitting - Member, HVCI Association of B.C. Tel.250.373.2529 - Cell 250.571.6416 oldtimergf@look.ca
Alternative Home Improvements Window Replacement Specialist, Renovation Windows Glass replacement Tel 250.373.1350 -Cell 250.373.2737
Riverside Energy Systems Alternative Energy / Solar, Wind, Micro Hydro 1-866-288-1517 - tel 250.578.0620
Thompson Valley Eavestrough 5" continous Fascia Gutters, Gutters, Metal Cladding, Fascia Covers, Roofing, Soffit, Siding, Shutters, Gutter Cleaning & Repair

Tel 250.373.2662 Fax 250.373.0143


Other Services

Cuts To Dye For Hair cuts / beauty care - contact Denise 250.373.2527
Dey's Center Groceries/ Liquor store 250.373.2541
Savona Super Save Gas/Propane/Diesel 250.373.2433
Big Sky Gas Station Gas/Propane/Diesel/Convenience store/cafe with Take out 250.373.0043
Roadhouse Cafe

Great Food - Sandy and Gary

Mon-Sat - 7am-8pm

Sunday&Holidays - 8am - 8pm

250.373.2353 250.373.2352

Snow Removal / Bobcat service Snow removal, Skidsteer/ Bobcat service 250.373.2293
Savona Karate Club Karate Club - health/fitness/ self defence - Contact Yoriko


Savona Library

Click above to follow link to the library page on Savona.ca

Located at 60 Savona St.

Wednesday 12:00-6:00pm
Thursday 3:00-7:00pm
Friday 10:00-3:00pm









Community Clubs & Organizations


  • Savona LIBRARY - 250.373.2666
  • Savona Community Association - Cara@373.2554 or Jennifer@373.0081
  • Savona Heritage Committee - Eve@373.2375 or Helen@373.2538
  • Savona Garden Club - Irene@373.2464
  • Savona Gazette - Ruth@373.2677 or ads@savona.ca
  • Savona Old age pensioners - Jennifer@ 373.0081
  • Savona Weightloss club - Irene@373.2464
  • Savona Lions Club - Darren@373.0012
  • Savona First Aid Team - Brenda@373.2588
  • Savona Volunteer Fire Department - Nicole@373.2229
  • Savona Karate Club - Yoriko@373.2512
  • Saint Hilda's Church - messages@373.2610 services 10am
  • Saint Hilda's Food Bank - second Wed/each month 1pm-3pm
  • Youth Group - Melissa@373.0049 Friday 7pm Grade 6&Up
  • Christian Bible study - Cindy/Phil@373-0191, email@ pclev@axion.net Thursdays 7pm

Other Organizations of interest nearby




  You can contact us at: info@savona.ca