Savona, British Columbia, Canada

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Greater Kamloops ATV Association

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Bank of Montreal

How to do things, information etc. - Here is a website that shows prices of gas from all over BC. In my travels Cherry Creek is the cheapest fuel around and the Big Sky Gas Station on Hwy near the Deadman Creek turn off is the next cheapest. Have a look at this site and at how badly the public is being gouged by unscrupulous gas stations - this is the link to the paper we all love - find nearly any phone number in Canada both business and personal - this will soon replace your phonebook - it has reverse lookup too !

Ebay - need I say more ? Sell all your unwanted stuff or buy unwanted stuff here !

Google - your favorite search engine, well mine anyway.

CBC - The standard in Canadian Broadcasting

Expedia - find directions and exact distances, flights and travel packges

Dictionary - and online dictionary/ Thesaurus

Google Earth - This is a great piece of sofware that allows you to see pictures of anywhere on earth ( pretty much ) in fairly great detail. Want to see the Eiffel Tower ? With this you can and it's FREE !! Click on the link for a preview. ---- This should be used only on a high speed connection, it works on dial up but grab a cup of coffee or dinner because it's SLOW on dial up -

For kids and Moms/Dads



- See where the cheapest places to buy fuel is.. so far Cherry Creek is the best followed by Big Sky Gas Station - click on this site to submit prices you have seen and to check on prices; especially if you're going out of town !!







Quading out near the Kootenay River one fine sunny day.

Unstuck 502w


We finally have an Atv/quading club here in Kamloops. This club is extremely important and instrumental and protecting our right as recreational motor vehicle operators to use public land. Of course this includes the responsibility to "Tread Lightly" in appropriate areas and to harbour a good relationship with those who we share our trails with.

For more information you can contact:

Membership contact: Nick Scown (250) 573-5754
President: Paul Wieys (250) 579-9752
Ride co-ordinator: Traci Haley (250) 374-0916

The Greater Kamloops ATV Association (GKAA) meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at Malone’s in the upstairs meeting room. Many of the riders come early for a social dinner.


A couple of great ATV'ers Resources are:




Computer Terminology 101


Search engine - is a term for a piece of software that searches the world wide web for information you ask it to find. It uses a sophisticated ever changing algorithm to constantly "crawl" through the websites on the internet to find and catagorize information so that when you type in a phrase or word your looking for, it knows where to look and direct you. Some commonly known search engines are Google , , , and so on.


More computer lingo - so you have never chatted before on the internet or maybe you have but it's been a while. Here are some common little phrases you will see that is used to communicate more quickly.

LOL - Laugh out loud

Caio - good bye

TTYL - talk to you later

TTYS - talk to you soon

ROTFLMAO - Rolling on the floor laugh my arse (ass) off

BRB - Be right back

L8TR - Later

WTF - What the F***k

:-) smiley face sideways

;-) a sideways wink

:-( a frown


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