N50 45.098 W120 50.655
  • Elevation : 1325ft / 343 metres
  • Population approx. 640 residents
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Hello, I am Michael Ronneseth, the owner of www.Savona.ca. Please understand this is not a paid service at this time, we will make every effort to get this right but do not guarantee or warranty what we do. Any donations we may receive ( hopefully ) is only to help cover the cost of running the site. We have not and will not be receiving any funding of any kind from the community of Savona or the TNRD etc. If you have any reasonable questions or suggestions please feel free to email us and we'll do what we can to fix any errors we make or have made. Please do not send us any copyrighted pictures or literature unless you have express permission from the author. In other words, if you didn't take the picture or didn't write the article, unless you send us the release, we're not going to run it !

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You can contact us at: info@savona.ca or if you want it to go to Ruth at the Savona Gazette as well, email it to this address and we'll both get it ads@savona.ca


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